Coming Soon: The Emergence Orchestrator



This agent automates multi-step web tasks using natural language instructions. Whether it's filling forms, conducting searches, or navigating media, it adapts to diverse tasks, automating interactions and reducing tedious manual repetition. Agent-E makes enterprise process automation streamlined and robust in the face of changes in applications with time.

Guardrail Agent

This agent built over a low-latency large language model classifies the input content as appropriate or inappropriate in terms of safety, bias, appropriateness, etc. The model is a part of our Responsible AI efforts, especially to bring in an additional layer of checks and validations for any AI based applications.

Summarization Agent

Utilizing lean, hallucination-resistant LLMs, this agent generates targeted summaries from given information repositories using natural language. It adapts to a given rubric, ensuring that the summarization is aligned to the requirements provided.

Online Search Chatbot Agent

This agent uses a custom-trained LLM to synthesize responses to user queries by combining advanced online search capabilities with natural language processing. It retrieves and refines information from trusted sources selectable by developers, ensuring relevant and reliable results, making online searches and research efficient and effortless.